What DoesThe Bio-Indi Dieting Solution include?

A Deep Dive into your Unique Health History and Life Choices, from Birth to Present day, so we can get a detailed picture of your current health and pin point health issues as they arose, on your timeline.

Establish a Comprehensive Understanding of Your Lifestyle, Relationships and Personal Challenges so we can find the best plan to fit into your life.

Personal One-on-one coaching with me, so you know you are getting the organ grinder, and not the monkey. We have a 20 minute session each week to touch base preferably on skype or zoom, telephone conversations when necessary, text and email if required.

Highly Individualized, Health Focused Weight Loss Strategies, so you can be confident that this plan is specific to you, not a one size fits all protocol.

Nutritious and Delicious Food and My Own Recipes that are Simple, Quick to make, Satisfying and Scrumptious, so you can really enjoy your food and be sure it will fit into your busy time schedule.

Introduction to Cutting Edge, Proven Strategies to Manage Stress, Elevate Mood and Create and Maintain Confidence, so you can chill out and  feel better in yourself, even in stressful situations.

An Endless Wealth of Health and Wellness Knowledge to give you a Competitive Edge as a Woman or Female Entrepreneur, so, whatever your situation, you will sleep better, have a clearer brain and a razor like focus.