Is The Bio-Indi Dieting Solution Really right for you ?

My diet is different, because it's customized to fit your lifestyle; which fundamentally requires, one to one work.

As your personal coach, I will sit down with you, and together, we will create a tailored diet, exercise and stress reduction plan based on your unique health history, allergies, food sensitivities, inflammation levels, along with your likes and dislikes and busy personal schedule.

My work goes way beyond the norm for a weight loss plan; because I understand completely, what it takes to lose weight, for good.


  • Reduce Stress, so you can feel more emotionally stable, control your temper much better, which creates a better atmosphere at work and in your home.
  • Mentally and Physically Detox., so you can think clearly, concentrate better and enjoy reading again.
  • Eliminate Anxiety, Help Depression and Mood Issues, often relating to periods or menopause, so you are able to eliminate painful periods, hot sweats, confidence issues, hair loss, bloating, pmt, pms and much more.
  • Helps to regulate periods, so you can increase your chances of having a baby, or know exactly when to avoid sex, to prevent unwanted pregnancy.
  • Discover the REAL reason your body holds onto weight, so you can enjoy your food, with no guilty feelings, cravings or feelings of depriving yourself luxuries.
  • Get back control over your mind and body to bring balance and flow, which aids happiness and general well being.
  • Remove confusion and overwhelm with regard to what you personally, should or shouldn't eat and why, which takes all the guesswork out of eating, so you can focus on just enjoying every mouthful.
  • Increase energy levels, which means you can achieve your goals, when you would normally just have ground to a halt.
  • Rediscover your sexy curves and waistline - I'll leave the outcome of this up to you! I know how it affected my life! 
  • It was so wonderful to get dressed and look in the mirror and feel fantastic; not deflated or even break down in tears. I know we don't all do that, but I was one of the one's, that did. I know exactly, what that is like.
  • I'd get dressed up and then not even want to go out. Seems crazy now, but that's exactly what it was like. When we were out, I'd see my partner sneakily looking at thin women with legs up to their armpits, and I'd feel incredibly inferior. I hated myself for feeling envious and shallow, but I couldn't stop the feelings. Now, I'm not dependent on him saying I look nice, before we go out, to actually enjoy the evening. I know, I look good, and if he wants to look at other women, that's fine, it doesn't affect my enjoyment of the evening at all. In fact, I indulge in a bit of talent spotting myself! I feel like I've made a quantum jump into another reality, its that different.